Art-led, environmental education
based on the power of story and
the insights of systems thinking


 “…we must find a new story, a narrative that includes us in the continuum of Earth’s time and space, reminding us of the destiny we share with all the planet’s life, restoring purpose and meaning to human existence.”

–David Suzuki, The Sacred Balance,
Rediscovering Our Place in Nature, 1997

 “… it becomes apparent that man has failed to see that now, as in the past, the roots of his being are in the earth; and he has failed to see this because Nature, whose effects on man were formerly immediate, is now mediated by technology so that it appears that technology and not Nature is actually responsible for everything.”

–Harold Fromm, From Transcendence to Obsolescence: A Route Map
inThe Ecocriticism Reader,  1996


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